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St Peter’s School

Welcome toSt Peter’s School



Each Government Primary School has its own ‘catchment’ area from which it expects to admit pupils.  If you are not sure which is your local ‘catchment’ school, then please enquire to our School Secretary or check your post code on the Government website.

All admissions are organised by the Department for Children, Young People, Education and Skills. Parents seeking a Reception placement should register their child at the earliest opportunity with their catchment school. The Headteacher and School Secretary are more than happy to advise you on the admissions procedures. The school follows the Department for Children, Young People, Education and Skills admissions procedure which can be found HERE.

Children are admitted to the Nursery in the school year of their fourth birthday and to the Reception class in the school year of their fifth birthday.
If you do not wish your child to go to your local school, then you can request a different school as your first choice however you must register at your catchment school.

Pre-School Visits

We like to encourage children to come along for pre-school visits during the term before they start school.  This will normally be for a couple of afternoons.  These visits are extremely important as they enable your child to get to know the school and each other. We also find that they are not as apprehensive about starting school.