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St Peter’s School

Welcome toSt Peter’s School

"Together we hold the keys to success"

Clubs and Activities

Eco team 

Our school is committed to becoming a sustainable environment, where pupils can learn the skills that will make them safe and considerate individuals. We have an active Eco-Team consisting of children and staff who meet regularly to discuss current issues and create action plans to move the school towards becoming more Eco-Active.

The areas they are addressing are:


We recycle white paper and there are green bins in every classroom. There is a battery collection point in the main entrance and we are starting to collect plastic bottles and cans.


Please encourage your child to turn off any unnecessary lights and to switch off computers at the end of the day. Water is a precious resource and we encourage children not to waste it.

Local Environment:

We encourage pupils to care for their local environment and to be aware of local issues.

We encourage pupils to respect their school building and grounds. We have a potting shed and vegetable plots which we use to teach the children about growing and caring for their own vegetables. We have various gardening and eco-teams across the school, led by Mrs Valentine. We have a fantastic outdoor area including a Forest Schools area and encourage teachers to take learning outdoors wherever possible.


Tech Heads  

Tech Heads are a group of children who take the lead on digital aspects of the school. Mr Cronin Leads the team and they try out various new software or ideas, learn how to solve IT problems and support other children and teachers in the school.

Playground Friends 

These children have two responsibilities. First, they organise collaborative play and second, they encourage all children to join in, specifically encouraging children who might not usually take part. The idea is that children are encouraged to play together and form friendships with others whom they might not normally associate. These children are also visible on the playgrounds so that if any child is feeling left out they can approach a 'friend' for support and a friendly ear. Both groups are trusted ambassadors for school and are role models for all around them.?

Playground Leaders 

This group of children have been specially chosen to act as role models and to have a positive impact in key stage one. The group is made up of pupils from Years 5 and 6 and their role is to encourage and organise activities specifically in Foundation stage and Key stage 1. The children organise activities and games such as: relays; ball skills; kick ball and encourage children to take part in these activities which will hopefully develop their basic skills and encourage participation. Additionally, these games are developed for enjoyment and getting children to collaborate.


Our school choir, led by Mrs Mc Dermott, practise on a Wednesday lunchtime. Choir is open to all children in Years 4, 5 and 6 – everyone is welcome. The aim of choir is to foster a love of singing and to have fun.

The choir performs at school events, such as the Carol Concert and PTA Fayres. They participate in Jersey Sings and also go out into the community to perform small concerts.

Football Club 

Football club is open to everyone in Year 4, 5 and 6. School football training takes place on a Tuesday after school or at lunchtime.  Children taking part in football practice must wear shin pads and appropriate footwear.

School matches are usually played on a Saturday morning. We have our own pitch for school matches and also play away at other schools. There are also several tournaments throughout the season for boys and girls.


Netball club is run by Miss Gallichan and takes place on a Monday after school. Training is open to boys and girls in Years 5 and 6 and takes place in the school playground or Community Centre. School matches take place after school either home or away.


First Aid Club 

We run a First-Aid club each year where children can learn basic first-aid and then have the opportunity to become "First Aid Runners", helping the staff in dealing with injuries during break times