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Jersey Curriculum

Curriculum / Planning

Our curriculum is broad and balanced, focusing on depth of learning and mastery of skills and content. We teach through a topic-based approach where appropriate, to encourage the pupils to make links and develop and apply skills across different curriculum areas, while also maintaining the identity and unique skills and vocabulary needed for the different subjects studied.

The Jersey Curriculum consists of:


The speaking and listening, reading and writing skills learned in English are very important as this is how children learn to communicate.

The full Jersey Curriculum for English can be found here: English Curriculum


This develops the skills needed in everyday life, for example using and applying numbers, money, data handling and measurement. It encourages the development of logic and reasoning and therefore helps problem solving.

The full Jersey Curriculum for Mathematics can be found here: Maths Curriculum


Children today learn scientific skills from the offset. They learn to ask questions about the world around them, observe, collect and interpret evidence and draw conclusions. In this ever-changing world learning to think scientifically and evaluate information are vital skills for life. Please encourage your child to ask questions about how and why thinks happen.

The full Jersey Curriculum for Science can be found here: Science Curriculum


Technology plays a significant role in the world today. Children will develop computing skills through using a range of technology, including iPads, desktop and laptop computers to support their learning. Computing skills such as coding are taught discretely but technology is used to support learning across the curriculum when it is appropriate.

The full Jersey Curriculum for Computing can be found here: Computing Curriculum

Art and Design 

Children’s creative abilities are developed through experimenting with different media in a variety of ways. Besides drawing and painting they will also experience printing, modelling, textiles and will learn about a variety of artists.

The full Jersey Curriculum for Art and Design can be found here: Art Curriculum


We learn about the present by studying the past and asking questions. Children are always fascinated by what went on before them. They learn historical skills by looking first at their own timelines and families and then, in Key Stage 1, go on to study famous people and events. In Key Stage 2 children continue to develop historical skills as they study different periods of history such as the Egyptian, Medieval, Neolithic and Victorian periods.

The full Jersey Curriculum for History can be found here: History Curriculum


Geography is studied through places, beginning with the children’s own environment and then progressing to the wider world, and also through themes such as water and weather. They learn about the world, naming continents, countries and key geographical features of the locations they study, while developing skills in field work, map work and written methods for recording their findings.

The full Jersey Curriculum for Geography can be found here: Geography Curriculum

Physical Education 

The main areas covered at St. Peter's are

  • Gymnastics
  • Games
  • Dance
  • Athletics

In games children learn how to develop their skills of attack and defence through games such as football, hockey, cricket, netball, rugby and tennis. We have football, netball and cricket matches against other schools and also participate in athletics and tag rugby competitions against other schools.

The full Jersey Curriculum for Physical Education can be found here: Physical Education Curriculum


Children are encouraged to enjoy music not only by singing and playing instruments, but also by composing and performing. Children are taught music by our specialist music teacher, Mrs McDermott.

The full Jersey Curriculum for Music can be found here: Music Curriculum

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) including Citizenship 

PSHCE is where children learn about diversity and are encouraged to develop respect for others. They learn to develop a positive self-image, so that they can make choices and learn from an early age how to stand up to things such as peer pressure and bullying. They learn to become responsible, healthy citizens so that they can make informed choices about their lives and their health.

The full Jersey Curriculum for PSHE can be found here: PSHE including Citizenship

Religious Education 

In Religious Education children learn about cultural diversity and develop respect for others. They learn that we are all different and that people have different religious beliefs and cultures.  We look at a range of religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

The full Jersey Curriculum for Religious Education can be found here: Religious Education 


Children begin learning French as modern foreign language in Year 3 following the Jersey Curriculum, with the aim to becoming fluent in basic conversational French by the end of Year 6.

The full Jersey Curriculum for French can be found here: French Curriculum

Design and Technology 

In design and technology children learn design skills through cross-curricular projects, linked to other subjects. They learn design skills through observing and disassembling products, and develop new skills for planning, designing and making. DT projects include cookery, sewing and construction.

The full Jersey Curriculum for Design and Technology can be found here: Design and Technology Curriculum