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St Peter’s School

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We are so excited that we are going to see all your happy faces next week when we go back to Nursery!


Hello Everyone!

We were delighted last week when we were told that the children could come back!

A huge, 'Thank you,' to all of you who have supported your children's learning at home. We know it was not always easy, but we can tell from all the photos that you all had lots of fun and made many happy family memories. 

We loved seeing all the fun you were having and the adventures you went on. It certainly brightened our days when we were missing you all. Great team work Nursery! We kept each other smiling!

We have attached the You Tube videos from June below so you can continue to listen to the stories and sing along with the songs!

We will see Group 1 on Tuesday and Group 2 on Thursday, when we will all be back together again!

Please remember to come in the church entrance between 9.00 and 9.30am.

See you in 2 or 4 sleeps!

Keep smiling!

The Nursery Team