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Our Ethos and Values

Our Ethos

We are a caring and inclusive school that encourages and celebrates success – at every level. Our school is driven by an enthusiasm for learning and an ambition that every child can achieve success.

We aim to bring learning alive, making it exciting and stimulating, through providing meaningful, cross-curricular learning opportunities. We want to give our children a thirst for learning that continues with them throughout their future school experiences and adult lives, and we want to prepare them well for the ever-changing world in which they live.


We are a welcoming and supportive community that celebrates diversity, respects differences and values everyone for their individual qualities and needs. We are committed to developing each young person as an individual, meeting their individual needs and encouraging them to develop a positive image of themselves.

We want St Peter’s School pupils to feel happy and safe, so that they can be responsible members of their community, empowered with the skills and knowledge to enjoy an enriched and active life.

Our Core Values

St. Peter’s Core Values underpin everything we do at the school.  They represent our school ethos and principles. 

At the centre of our school is the firm belief that everyone in our community – pupils, teachers, parents/carers & visitors – share a responsibility for the learning, wellbeing, safety & enjoyment of everyone at our school through these Core Values.  

We teach our children about our Core Values and reward system from Nursery and the way we work each day to reflect these values.  Staff are expected to work within these principles when interacting with each other, children, parents and the community.


Seeing things differently and thinking in new and innovative ways with a questioning mind is vital in a rapidly changing world.  The world we live in today will be very different to the world of the future.   
Every invention has needed someone with a curious mind to think it up! 
We teach pupils to always show curiosity and have an enquiring mind and be determined and not give up! We promote and develop creative approaches to learning and encourage pupils to think for themselves and ask questions. 

Life is full of challenges!  We all need to learn to bounce back when we meet challenges.  Learning new skills and knowledge can be tricky at times, and it is sometimes tempting to give up.   

We promote a ‘growth mindset’ where pupils know that practice and determination are key to success.  We teach strategies to enable pupils to have the resources to draw on when they are finding things tricky.  


Often the most successful people are those that work hard, try their best and put in lots of effort. It is about working hard on what you are good at, and even harder on those things you find less easy.   

We praise motivation and encourage pupils to try hard and produce their best so they make the as much progress as possible. 


We encourage persistence in doing something despite difficulty or and not to worry if it takes longer achieving success. This is a sign of real strength and patience because it shows staying power!


Every child should achieve and progress to become the best they can be. 
We believe in every child and have high expectations of them all.
We teach pupils strive for success and feel pride in their achievements. 

We are often proudest of those things that were hardest to achieve.  To promote self-esteem and confidence we need to feel a degree of pride in what we have accomplished. 

We use praise and positive feedback to promote pride, and we celebrate pupil’s achievements. We encourage the pupils to take pride in the school and its surroundings and look after our resources and the natural world. 


We encourage children to be independent because ultimately, we want to help them stand on their own 2 feet! Independence shows progress. Our expectation is that pupils will make good progress across the school, and that every child will feel the achievement that ‘getting better’ at something gives. 

We plan to ensure pupils make good progress in lessons, through providing both support and challenge for learners.  We encourage pupils to recognise their own and other people’s progress.   


Some achievements are large, some are small, but seeing visible success with what you are achieving boosts confidence and builds aspiration. 

We plan to ensure pupils achieve successes in lessons and we celebrate and acknowledge achievement, academically and in all aspects of pupil’s development. 


We believe developing a strong sense of community is vital to pupil’s development as future Jersey citizens. 
We teach pupils to work together in groups, teams and as a school, and plan events that bring our community together. 

We care.  First and foremost, we care about each and every child that we teach, but we also strive to work with their families closely too. Being kind ensures that all feel safe, welcome and part of a wider community. It helps us share and work well together. 


Each one of us is different and our school is made up of pupils from a range of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.  By respecting people’s differences we will be able to focus on how similar we all really are. 

We teach pupils to accept and respect differences, and to respect each other.  We do not tolerate bullying or discrimination and teach pupils to develop inclusive attitudes. 


We teach pupils to empathise, look after and support each other. 

We aim to be honest and open in our dealings with pupils and parents.  We aim to build understanding relationships with pupils and their families through clear communication and open dialogue.