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St Peter’s School

Welcome toSt Peter’s School

"Together we hold the keys to success"

Our Values

What do we value at St Peter’s School?


St. Peter’s School is a supportive, caring community with high expectations for our behaviour, our environment and our outcomes. We engage with the wider community to make a positive difference to lives and to provide the best possible learning opportunities for our pupils.


Everyone in our community is polite, respectful and honest, and we take responsibility for our actions. We respect and celebrate diversity, and everyone has a voice, so that everyone feels safe, included and valued


We build positive relationships, care for each other and promote physical and emotional wellbeing and involvement. We value family life and encourage healthy habits and positive attitudes, so that everyone in our community can flourish and become the best version of themselves.


We have high expectations and aspirations for everyone in our community, supporting each other to take risks, recognising that mistakes are valuable learning opportunities, celebrating effort and perseverance.  We have fun learning, ensuring that activities are appropriately engaging, challenging and meaningful so that everyone can achieve their best possible outcomes.