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Well-being and Mental Health

How do we promote well-being at St Peter's School?

We are passionate about positive well-being at St Peter's School. We provide opportunities for children to develop their well-being, whether it is through extracurricular clubs, ELSA supervision or mindfulness practice in class. We believe that looking after children's well-being is fundamental to enable them to be in the best place to learn. We have a Mental Health and Well-Being Team at school, including Mrs Barrett-Banks (Mental Health Lead), Ms Rashid (SENCo and Safeguarding Lead), Mrs Powell (ELSA and Peer Mediation Lead), Mrs Allison (Mental Health First Aider) and Mrs MacFarlane (ELSA). 

We follow the Mentally Healthy Schools programme created by the Anna Freud Foundation. 

Here is a link to some resources for Parents and Carers when talking to your child about Mental Health: 

Parents and Carers | Advice and Guidance | Anna Freud Centre

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs)

Our ELSA team at school consists of Mrs Powell and Mrs MacFarlane. They work with individual pupils, or occasionally groups of pupils, to support with areas such as friendships, managing emotions and understanding feelings. Our ELSAs plan sessions based on the needs of each pupil using a variety of activities and books to support with learning. 

There are lots of fantastic free resources on the ELSA website for you to access at home to support with emotional literacy: 

Free Resources Archives - ELSA Support ( 

Decider Skills

The Decider Skills use the theories of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to teach children, young people and adults the skills to recognise their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours, enabling them to monitor and manage their own emotions and mental health.

Mindfulness and Well-being at Home

Talking to our children about there well-being and enabling them to share and normalise any feelings they are having will help support their mental health.

Place2Be is a fantastic organisation championing the issue of children’s mental health, and they have some brilliant information for talking to children and top tips to look after everyone’s mental health.

Below are some links to some mindfulness resources to use at home if you wish: 

Be the Pond | Mindfulness for Kids | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - YouTube

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids | BREATHING EXERCISE | Guided Meditation for Children - YouTube

Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower: An Animation - YouTube

Mindful Minute: Quick Mindfulness Meditation Exercise for Kids by GoZen! - YouTube